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Larger Sculptures Gallery

River to Sky
in brown colour with black stones

$1150 pair, $650 single

River to Sky
close-up of carved sides

A river reaching towards the sky represented by elemental inlays, shadow lines on three sides and also negative airspace between the pair. Inset curved copper denotes the headlands that shape the rivers path

River to Sky
in grey colour with green stones

$1150 pair, $650 single

River To Sky in grey colour
with paua shell and blue glass inlay 
$1150 pair, $650 single

Water, Sun & Earth
$1900 set


Blue Ocean with stainless steel  inlay and sealed blue and green oxide finishes

Dream Circle in garden 

Dream Circle with detail on both sides

River Dreamer featuring blue oxide finish


River To Sky in light black colour
with black stone and stainless steel inlay
 $650  single, $1150 pair